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Yes. Compared to the western nations, Ukraine has more supportive laws for surrogacy both for Ukrainians and international patients.

Married heterosexual couples can opt for surrogacy programs in Ukraine.

Women aged below 52 years are normally recommended keeping in mind her reproductive potential.

It is recommended you get a letter from your doctor citing the medical reasons that you need surrogacy to have your own child.

A surrogate mother cannot have any genetic linkage with the baby. Even if the couple needs a donor egg, they have to get it from a donor apart from the surrogate.

Yes. You will get the parental right.  According to Article 123 of the family Code of Ukraine, a surrogate mother cannot claim any right over the baby she has carried and given birth through assisted reproductive technology.

This depends on many factors. On average, 1-3 attempts may be needed for a successful conception.

The names of the married couple will be registered in the baby’s birth certificate born from the surrogate.

Normally, you will need two visits. The first visit will be for document processing and IVF procedure and the second visit will be during child birth and document processing to take the newborn back to your home country.

We, at ISIDA CLINIC, follow stringent screening tests to deem the lady mentally and physically fit to be a surrogate. We check her age which is normally between 25-35 years. She should be the biological mother of at least one child.  She has to go through screening tests of endometrium, hormone levels, blood, substance addiction and genetic diseases. Psychological counseling is also done to educate her on the pros and cons of surrogacy and check her mental stability.

Egg donors are tested for the ovarian reserve, blood type, hormonal levels, genetic factors, substance abuse etc. Their overall physical condition is also evaluated followed by psychological counseling.

You need to mail us your condition in details mentioning the service that you need. Within 2 days, our manager will brief you about document requirements. Document processing may need 3days – 4 weeks depending on your requirements and situation. After your consent and initial payment, the surrogate selection matching your criteria will need another 4-5 weeks. Cycle synchronizing with the surrogate mother will take 4 weeks. Next, the stimulation process will need 10-14 days and the follicular puncture 1 day. Embryo cultivation will need 5 days, embryo transfer 1 day and HCG test 1 day to confirm pregnancy of the surrogate. This will be followed by a 9-month full-term pregnancy till childbirth. Discharge of child and document processing will need 2-5 days.

We will provide you the details of specialists and physicians and their track record. You will also get a virtual tour of our clinic to have an overview of our system. If needed, we will provide you few contacts of our clients from whom you can gather details of our services and support.

After your approval, we will send you several payment options from which you can select the one convenient for you. Installment payment is allowed based on certain terms and conditions.

Our end-to-end support in Surrogate Maternity programs covers legal procedures as well. Starting from processing contractual documents with the clinic and surrogate till issuing of birth certificate and other related documents, our legal experts will look after everything in due consultation with you.

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